Nine Muses can tailor services to suit your budget and project requirements.

We LOVE to provide a full service to our clients an be involved in all the architectural stages

from concept to completion.

We can however provide partial services.

Please refer below for the typical architectural stages.


pre design

(fact finding)

In the pre-design phase we will obtain the client's brief; arrange, attend and record meetings with the client; recommend specialist consultants; make initial inquiries about the site conditions and constraints; make initial inquiries about regulatory requirements; and review the project budget. A site measure and existing conditions drawings will be drafted if required.

We then proceed to prepare a preliminary design for the client to consider.


concept design

(let's dream & get pen to paper!)

We prepare sketches and diagrams to explore and illustrate design and cost options appropriate to the size of the project.

Typically this includes hand drawn plans and a 3D resprestation of the architectural 'look.'

We work with you to further refine the brief and the schematic design.


design development

(how will it get built?)

During this stage, we evolved the concept into a project that can be built.

This includes coordinating and integrating the preliminary work of a variety of other consultants into the design.

We produce documentation that describes the project in enough detail to enable consultants to proceed with their input and so we review the design against the budget.


construction documentation

(the nuts and bolts...


During this stage we work with required consultants to produce detailed technical drawings, schedules and specifications that will be used to tender the project and to obtain a building permit.

These documents are then used by all members of the building team to build exactly to the dimensions and finishes the vision that you the client and Nine Muses envisaged.


tender process

(who will build it?)

We prepare the tender documents, distribute them to the builders and manage the tendering process. 

Once selected, we prepare  the formal contracts between Client and builder. 


contract administration

(your dream realised)

The building process is both long and complex.  Engaging us to administer the contract can save you stress and ensure the building is completed on time, to cost and with quality.

Our role is basically to inspect the works, certify payments to the builder and ensure that everything is built in accordance with the contract documents. 

A good architect actually pays for themselves - more than once.

You will reap the reward and the building will be hugely better and deliver much better value for it."

Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

(cheers kev!)



For every project, we employ solar passive design principles such as orientation, zoning, ventilation, thermal mass and building insulation & sealing to ensure we deliver projects that:

- are comfortable to live in

- in harmony with their natural and built environments

- align with our beliefs and yours

- energy and cost efficient