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Sea Change House

A small footprint delivers big impact to create a home that matches its owner’s flair


This transformation was an exercise in doing more with less.


The original single storey brick unit was dated, dark and cluttered. Owner, Kathryn, desperately needed storage, light and a sense of space.


Emotionally tied to her home and it’s beachside location – moving elsewhere to get what she wanted wasn’t an option.

Instead, the brief was to transform this modest unit into a contemporary, light-filled and functional haven that belies its small footprint.


As part of a 4 unit development, the available space to expand was limited. We also wanted to create a unique character for her renovated unit so it became aesthetically independent from the rest of block.


Kathryn has character, so should her home!

Enjoying a corner position, we were able to add 25sqm of living area within the northern front yard. Capped with a soaring cathedral ceiling, the space can now breathe and her unit is flooded in northern light. The new modern façade stands proud in the streetscape and gives her unit a distinct personality.

Kathryn can live large, in her small, but hugely stylish home.


A Sea-Change in her own house. 

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