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Abandoning the conventional idea of a backyard, we created a sun-drenched house with high ceilings, a small footprint and great outdoor spaces on a small battle axe block.


Battleaxe blocks present great opportunities but not many saw the potential in this small block. It provided the perfect canvas for a private, unique family home and an easy entry into the old Ocean Grove property market.


By hugging the southern boundary and going two stories, the now north facing front yard serves as a de facto backyard.


The house in front of the subdivided block provides privacy and automated gates help regulate visitors or door knockers!

Smart design means that the family remained connected, but kids can play upstairs whilst Mum and Dad entertain downstairs. And clever storage means that clutter is never a problem with everything from toys to school bags and surfboards having a home.


Effectively, we built a two-storey box and took a large chunk out of it to create a void between the floors – great for visual interest, expelling hot air and inevitably dirty laundry and paper planes.

Every room in the house (except bathrooms) has northern light and an aspect of trees.

It was a very cost effective and efficient build and it’s an easy house to live in.

two young boys sitting on a dark grey sofa playing games together
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